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What is a  Sodalitas ?
How do you taste a  Trompeuse ?
How strong is a  Heerenbier ?
Is a Houten Kop blonde ?

Soon we will present our new beer menu. Alongside the alphabetical list there will be, per beer category a short explanation and a summing up of what is available. A specialist menu that will show clearly the colour, flavour and alcohol content .You will be able to choose what suits you more easily and there should be something for everyone !!


Finally, we made our own HeerenGin, a real beer Gin, based on our own Heerenbier & Sodalitas
Only the best is good enough’.

Sodalitas and Heerenbier are two beers with a reknowned complex of flavours, ideal therefore to distill.The first results were an excellent base for a Gin. This is refined through other ingredients from the brewing process.

Rosemary, thyme, coriander, lemon verbena, cardemon and black pepper are all used. This brings an end product with a great mix between the two beers and subtle fresh citrus flavours.

Heerengin, a gin that is definately that little bit special..

Produced exclusievely for De Heeren’ by distillery VDS, Aalst, 44 vol. % alc



The Abbey beer STEENBRUGGE Blond from brij. De Gouden Boom in Bruges is a blonde beer with a warm full taste and a fruity, lightly smoked aroma combined with the subtle Spice mix ‘gruut’. STEENBRUGGE Blond is fermented with their own yeast which gives it its special smoked flavor together with the fruitiness.. 6.3 vol. % alc.


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