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6,50 € Fresh fruit salad dressed with sweet white wine…

Healthy, fresh and tasty

8,50 € A seasonal fruit salad with a sorbet of raspberry beer “Boon”

8,00 € Baked cinnamon apples with homemade peperkoek ice-cream

8,50 € Soufflé Alaska, a cold warm classic with soft meringue and ice-cream

Memories of my childhood☺


4,25 € Fresh tart of the day, ask for details…

5,00 € Meringue tart from Westhoek…

a real “delicatesse “


8,00 € “Elsje’s Choice” for those with a sweet tooth…

Tiramisu, chocolate mousse and speculoos ice-cream. With crispy bits !!!!…

8,00 € Homemade Tiramisu “Amaretto di Saronno” with a little surprise.…

8,00 € A tower of homemade nougat ice-cream with Amaretto,raspberry coulis and “kletskoppen”

Ilke’s speciality! Depends on her mood sometimes even better!! ☺

8,00 € Vanilla ice-cream with warm sour cherries, Rodenbach and a little Pastis!

8,00 € ‘Something different’ – For those who are curious

with vanilla ice-cream, advocat & macaroons soaked in Amarreto

10,00 € DESSERTWANDELING “Heeren van Liedekercke”

A must for a taste sensation! Perfect combination for 2 to share or on your own….(we won’t tell)!

Chocolate (are you also an addict?)

8,00 € Light chocolate foam with brown trappistenbier,enjoyed by all including in America

Made without sugar, egg yolks and cream but so good!

8,00 € Chocolate and mint, the perfect combination!

A ball of chocolate foam and mint syrup with white chocolate ice-cream and “After Eight”. Perfect at all times..

10,00 € “Moelleux-au-chocolat” with a surprising ball of ice-cream and raspbery beer

It’s taken a long time but we think this recipe is now perfect, do you agree?? Give us a little time to warm up the oven and then 6.24 minutes extra!

7,00 € Homemade chocolate tart- just try it – amazing!


The house speciality where beer plays the main role!! The CO2 makes it so airy and light with many combinations. It takes a little time as although I have two hands I can only whisk one sabayon at a time !!!

8,00 € Sabayon “Heeren van Liedekercke” on a basis of Witkap Stimulo

a sublime result

8,50 € Homemade speculoos ice-cream with a Westmalle dubbel sabayon and speculoos

Without doubt one of the best out of the series!…

8,50 € Homemade Straciatella ice-cream with a sabayon of Heerenbier and chocolate


8,50 € Bananas gratin and ice-cream with a light sabayon of Pisang Ambon

We come from apes so it’s ‘normal’ to like bananas this much!! ☺

10,00 € “Irish Coffee” covered with a sabayon of whiskey…

Niet voor doetjes!

10,00 € “Trappisten koffie” just that bit different!…

Straciatella ice-cream – Coffee with Westmalle dubbel – Sabayon of Rochefort 8°

Dessert beer

Old (dark) beers

See our beer menu for our vintage Beers. Some of our cheeses go also well with a chocolate dessert.

Fruit beers

Besides the traditional lambik beers there are other specials.These go great with certain sabayons and fruit desserts…

3,50 € Ducassis (Brasserie des Geants, 7,0 vol % alc)

4,25 € Myrtilles (Bosbessenbier, Brasserie Caulier, 7,0 vol % alc)

Dessert wine

4,50 € Sainte-Croix du Mont Château les Marcottes 2007 (per glas)

Perfect with desserts, fruity scent with honey and exotic fruits. A huge fresh flavour ending with a sweet aftertaste in the mouth

Please ask also about our Ports


4,50 € Porto White

4,50 € Porto White dry

8,25 € White 10 year old branco (exclusive!)

4,50 € Tawny uit het vat

8,25 € Old Tawny 10 year

15,00 € Old Tawny 20 year

25,00€ Old Tawny 30 year

9,50 € Colheita 1998

6,50 € LBV 2003

68,50 € Vintage 2000 of 2003 (fles 37 cl)

88,50 € Quinta do Passadouro 1995 of 1997 (fles 37 cl)

Please ask for our extensive choice of digestives or why not also take a look at our extensive whiskey bar.


3,50 € With sugar

3,75 € With cream

4,25 € With ice-cream

4,75 € With ice-cream and chocolate sauce

6,00 € With fresh fruit

6,00 € With strawberries (seasonal)

6,50 € With ice-cream and fresh fruit

6,50 € With ice-cream and strawberries (seasonal)

Apple Tart

4,00 € Warm apple tart

4,50 € Warm apple tart with ice-cream

4,50 € Warm apple tart with cream

5,25 € Warm apple tart with ice-cream and cream

7,50 € Warm apple tart with ice-cream and flambéed with Calvados


6,00 € Beker Sunrise (lime,strawberry and mango)

7,50 € Fruit festival (lime, strawberry, mango and fresh fruit)


4,25 € Children ice-cream (vanillae and strawberry)

5,25 € Beker vanilla

5,75 € 3 colour (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate)

6,50 € Beker Mokka (vanilla, mokka)

7,50 € Brazilian beker (vanilla, chocolate, hazel nuts and caramel)

8,50 € Witte Dame (vanille, fresh chocolate sauce from Callebaut fondant)

8,50 € Chocolade Dame (chocolate, fresh chocolate sauce from Callebaut fondant)

8,50 € Luikse beker (mokka-ice cream, coffee, caramel) One of my favorites!

8,50 € Advokaatje (vanilla, traditional advocat “Den Ouden Advokaat”)

8,50 € Mooie Helena (vanilla, pear, fresh chocolate sauce from Callebaut fondant)

8,50 € Banana split (vanilla, banana, fresh chocolate sauce from Callebaut fondant)

8,50 € Palet Picasso (vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, amaretto ice-cream with fresh fruit)

8,50 € Beker strawberry (seasonal)

7,75 € Beker fresh fruit

12,00 € Coupe Heeren van Liedekercke (per 2 persons)

Vanilla ice-cream with fresh fruit and sabayon

1,00 € Extra chocolate sauce

0,75 € Extra cream


2,25 € per bol Homemade ice-cream

Speculaas – Straciatella - Rum/rozijn - Neuzekes - Witte chocolade

à 2,25 € per bol Beer ice-cream – Worth trying!

Coconut beer and coconut • Ultra cookie & cinnamon • Heerenbier & chocolat • Chimay tripel • whisky • coriander

10,00 €/liter Available to order to take away