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Cheese desserts

10,00 € Raisin bread toast with melted Camembert and caramalised pear

Syrup made with Bink bruin and candy sugar with a salad dressed with Modena balsamic. Recommended beer: Bloesembink

10,00 € Goats cheese from the oven with apple, bacon and honey

Recommended beer: Bon Secours blond

11,00 € A plate of the best european cheeses served with dried fruit and nuts with nut bread. An absolute pleasure.

Recommended beer: One of the trappists - Ask our advice

14,00 € Stilton ! The ultimate of cheeses…

Caramalised walnuts and Sint-Bernardus Abt of Niepoort Porto LBV 2003.Recommended beer: Sint-Bernardus abt of Niepoort Porto LBV 2003 – Included in price

Cheese and Beer

Beer, bread and cheese all included and we have come up with some top combinations for you to try ! We think they are the perfect matches but what do you think ?…

9,50 € A duo of Chimay Doré : cheese and beer

9,50 € Munster and Tripel Karmeliet: Just fantastic! I-D-E-A–L!!

9,50 € Epoisses and Oude Geuze van 3 Fonteinen: Surprising but a success!

9,50 € Bleu d’Auvergne and Gouden Carolus Classic: We have found heaven !

9,50 € Oude Vlaskaas with Sint-Bernardus Prior 8°

Salty cheese and a tangy beer, perfect

18,00 € Chariot de fromages

Served with a trappist of your choice (except Westvleteren !) Served with bread, fruit and nuts. Welcome to cheese paradise.!!


ORVAL from de Gaume, simply unique!

BRIE from Belgium

MUNSTER from Elzas, with a lively , salty taste!

EPOISSES de Bourgogne, Napoleons favourite Napoleon

BLEU D’AUVERGNE, A blue cheese with a natural rind

OUDE VLASKAAS: Nederland deserves its reputation for cheese especially with this one

MANCHEGO a sheeps milk cheese from La Mancha

GORGONZOLA, a full creamy cows milk blue cheese from around Milan