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Group menus – Spring

Available in April, May and June

Seasonal menu with Spring colours “Klassieke Smaken” (classic tastes)

  1. Aperitif with nibbles, cold, warm, bitter, sweet, savoury…..
  2. Mixed salad with smoked salmon, scampi’s, apple and white beer vinaigrette
  3. Cauliflower soup with a fish net of grey shrimp and a foam of blond abdijbier
  4. An dish of North sea fish with fresh garden herbs, Lambiek beer and vegetable mash
  5. Choose 1 of the main dishes:
  • Cod poached in Chimay tripel with paris mushrooms, spinach and roast potatoes
  • Coq-à-la-bière in a creamy sauce of Hommelbier, bacon, mushrooms and a little garlic
  • Pork loin with Heerenbier and a little chocolate, one of our bestsellers
  1. A little of our house cheese with Sodalitas and granary bread.
  2. Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and sabayon based on Pater Lieven and served with ‘Cookie Beer’ – Spoil yourself !

47€ all-in (menu= 1 + 2or4 + 5 + 7)
57€ all-in (menu= 1 + 2or4 + 3 + 5 + 7)
67€ all-in (menu= 1 + 2 + 3or6 + 4 + 5 + 7)
77€ all-in (menu= 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7)

Surprise menu “Chef’s inspiration” SPRING

After the hors d’oeuvre and aperitief you can choose for 3, 4, 5 of 6-course menu at the prices mentioned above.The menu will be based on the chef’s inspiration of what ingredients are currently at their best. You won’t be disappointed !!

Seasonal menu Spring “INNOVATION & TRADITION”

  1. Aperitif with nibbles, cold, warm, bitter, sweet, savoury…..
  2. A rich salad with fried and grilled scampi and king prawns. A ‘sardine tin’ with beans, apple, herring and Traditional Geuze
  3. A parcel of asparagus with smoked salmon and a sabayon of Watou’s wit and grey shrimp.
  4. Cod loin with a green pesto puree, tomato sauce with Sodalitas. A good beginning to the summer.…
  5. Guineau fowl smoked  in hay with new season veg and a rosti with bacon. Mustard sauce with Westmalle dubbel. Modern, unusual yet absolutely wonderful.…
  6. A plate of the best European cheese served with nut bread and nuts and  raisins
  7. “Moelleux-au-chocolat” with homemade raspberry beer sorbet

55€ all-in (menu= 1+ 4+5+7)
65€ all-in (menu= 1+2+4+5+7)
75€ all-in (menu= 1+2+3or6+4+5+7)
85€ all-in (menu= 1+2+3+4+5+6+7)


  • For 6 persons and above – Please reserve at least one week in advance!
  • Cash = 2 euro discount per person!
  • All-in formula = aperitif, menu, suitable beers or wine, carafe water and a smile all included (with the beer version 2 glasses per course).
  • We take vegetarians and people with allergies into account. Please let us know any changes at least one day in advance. Unfortunately we are not yet magicians  …
  • Payment required for all those reserved. Please let us know at least 1 day in advance any change in the number of reserved seats.
  • Special monthly menus also available.

Let beer and gastronomy become one word…… !

Small changes may be made based on ingredient availability.

We hope you enjoy your experience here.

Reservations are valid if these have been confirmed by us via email or phone.