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Tom cooks his creative specials every day from 12.00 to 14.30u  and again from 18.00 to 22.00u

Please note the English version is a translation and  is done to the best of our knowledge. Please ask if you have any queries and mention any allergies.


Don’t be afraid of beer in our specials, it adds another flavour and ‘lifts’ dishes to a new height.


For more than 8 people please contact us in advance to discuss your menu.


Starters, let us begin…

12,00 € Freshly made cheese croquettes with salad

Always a good start! With a pleasant flavour of parmesan. Recommended beer: La Cambree

15,00 € Freshly made shrimp croquettes with a salad and old bruin beer vinaigrette

Served with a salad and old bruin beer vinaigrette. Recommended beer: Duchesse de Bourgogne van ‘t vat

All our salads are also available as starter

16,50 € “BURRATA” from an exclusive Puglian producer

Nothing like commercial mozzarellas, so we serve as pure as possible! Tomato – Salad – Grey North sea shrimp – Green pesto – Aged balsamic – Traditional Kriek. Recommended beer: La Trappe puur

14,00€ Vegetarian version without shrimps available

16,00€ Rich summer salad with artic Char fish and a horseradish dressing with Taras Boulba

Granité of Mojito and whitebeer, fresh and lively! Recommended beer: Blanche de Gaume

16,00€ Cracker of goat’s cheese with a herb cheese cream- Meringue of Oude Geuze

Strips of plaice with a pickle flavour crispy coating ☺! Recommended beer: Geuze Tilquin

18,00 € Red Gunard “Umami” – the famous 5th Asian flavour, an idea from the Basque region!

Bouillon with dashi, soya, chicken and Orval Agar with Parmesan and ketchup - mushrooms - Algae - Caramalised onion - “Croque Monsieur” with Gandaham & Orval cheese. Recommended beer: Grand Hop’s van ‘t vat

Main courses from ‘the net’


The sea caught Argentinean red shrimp is of exceptional quality. Looks like a normal scampi just a little more red..! The flesh gives more the impression of a langoustine. Immediately frozen at sea this gives an advantage to preserve the freshness.

12/16/22 € Scampi in a fragrant garlic butter (5/8/12 ), maybe a classic but still tastes good

Recommended beer: Hommelbier

14/18/24 € Scampi “Heeren van Liedekercke” (5/8/12), a real success

In a creamy gratin sauce with lobster bouillon white beer, apples and curry…hmm! Recommended beer: Saison Silly of Wutte Mie (0.5l)

12/16/22 € Scampi cooked in farm butter with a seasonal salad

Tartare sauce with traditional Geuze, capers, red onion and gherkins. Recommended beer: Geuze Hanssens.

16,00/28,00 € Tomato with grey shrimp from Zeebrugge.… (single or double)

Sorry we don’t peel the prawns ‘in house’ or we would never get to bed! We can guarantee that these Belgian (the best) shrimps have never seen a freezer! Please ask for cocktail sauce.… Recommended beer: Pater Lieven blond

23,00 € Cod “Heeren van Liedekercke”

Poached in Witkap Stimulo and served on spinach and vegetable puree. A few crispy potatoes, mushrooms and crispy bacon complete this dish. We thought about changing/updating or even deleting this dish but too many people protested!! Recommended beer: Leopold 7

Fish suggestion of the month…

Seasonal, surprising, and to spoil yourself!

An Englishman can drink without eating, a German can eat without drinking but a Vlaming can eat AND drink as well !

22,50 € Plaice and steakhouse chips, with a fresh salad…. Hmm – Lovely!

Recommended beer: Goliath blond

MUSSELS, Zeeland Gold stamp (1.4kg) natural or with Hommelbeer

When they are at their best we will serve them! ☺ Recommended beer: Quintine amber van ‘t vat

Main courses ‘from the butcher’

13,00/17,50 € Americain with a varied salad (150gr/200gr)

We prepare the americain not too spicy or too bland with mayonnaise, ketchup,tabasco, Worcestershire, baby onions and gherkin. Apparently ‘just right’ as it sells well!! Recommended beer: Augustijn (blond, Grand Cru of donker)

20,00€ Pork loin fillet with Heerenbier and chocolate

The pork is flavoured with our house beer with scents of cocoa and herbs. It is served with vegetable puree, croquettes and a selection of the months best vegetables. To complete the dish a ‘stripe’ of chocolate sauce and all then you have to do is enjoy. Recommended beer: Heerenbier

18,50 € Royal meat brochette

pork, turkey, sausage and bacon

18,50 € Chicken brochette

20,00 € Beef steak from Belgium! So tender. (+/- 250gr)

28,00 € Irish Rib-Eye (± 300gr)

With a little fat to make it taste so good !

Sauce of your choice:

Creamy mushroom: Pater Lieven Tripel • Creamy pepper: Saint-Feuillien donker • Stroghanoff (Vodka and tomato): Bieken • Heeren van Liedekercke: Rochefort 8 (A marriage of Roquefort cheese and & Rochefort beer)

4,00 € Warm seasonable vegetable

3,00 € Cold seasonal vegetables

2,50 € Extra fries

Meat suggestion of the month…

Seasonal, surprising, and to spoil yourself!

28,00 € Steak “Pizzastyle” with tomato and melted cheese…

Ratatouille with Mont des Cats – Aligota potato puree, very tasty! (Aligot is a creamy potato dish from with mountain cheese, cream and garlic) - Recommended beer: La Botteresse bruin

Our Flemish dishes of which we are very proud!

…with a little nod to Brussels and Wallonia

14,50 € Le vrai stoemp Bruxellois

Le vrai stoemp Bruxellois with braadworst, bacon and Tierenteyn mustard. Recommended beer: Caracole

14,50 € Meatballs in tomato and oregano sauce with Sodalitas beer

A taste of the past. Recommended beer: Sodalitas van’t vat

16,00 € “Orvalliflette”

An oven dish with potato ,mince and orval cheese and beer. From an idea of Willy De Hertogh van L’Ange Gardien in Orval!. Recommended beer: Orval

17,50 € Stoofvlees ‘Grandmothers way ‘a rich beef casserole made with love & patience

Crispy fries, salad and tomato or apple puree. Recommended beer: Westmalle dubbel van ‘t vat

17,50 € ‘Coq-à-la-bière’ from white chicken meat marinated in witte lambik Mort Subite

With bacon, Paris mushrooms, onion and a little garlic. Recommended beer: La Trompeuse