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Tom cooks his creative specials every day from 12.00 to 14.30u  and again from 18.00 to 22.00u

Please note the English version is a translation and  is done to the best of our knowledge. Please ask if you have any queries and mention any allergies.


Don’t be afraid of beer in our specials, it adds another flavour and ‘lifts’ dishes to a new height.


For more than 8 people please contact us in advance to discuss your menu.

Starters, let us begin…

6,00 € Fresh soup, made with fresh vegetables and tasty bread: BEER is the “soup of the day”

Recommended beer: Saxo bio

12,50 € Freshly made cheese croquettes with salad and Sodalitas dressing

Always a good start! With a pleasant flavour of parmesan. Recommended beer: La Cambree

17,50 € Freshly made shrimp croquettes with a salad and old bruin beer vinaigrette

Recommended beer: Liefmans Goudenband van ‘t vat

15,00 € A duo of shrimp and cheese croquettes, for those who can’t choose

Recommended beer: Bacchus

16,00 € Rode biet “à l’americain” bereid met mayonaise op basis van dragonazijn, druivenpitolie en Oud Bruin

Afgewerkt met lente-ui, kappertjes, gedroogde everzwijnham en fijne aardappelchips - Genieten van wereldse smaken in verschillende geuren, kleuren en contrasten! Aanbevolen bier: Lindemans Kriek Cuvée René

16,00 € Ajuinsoep op de wijze van ABAC*** in Barcelona…

Gekonfijte ajuin – Gepocheerd eitje – Krokantjes met truffelboter en Belgische Brie. Gehaktballetjes met wilde eend en Heerenbier – Winters genieten! Aanbevolen bier: Maredsous 150y van ‘t vat

18,00 € Spruitjes & Hazenrug – Pastinaakzalf met honingbier Barbar – Gebakken goudbrasem

Sabayon van Saison Silly, tijm en nootmuskaat. Zet je culinaire GPS op actief: Genieten – Proeven – Smaken! Aanbevolen bier: Saison Silly

All our salads are also available as starter

Main courses from ‘the net’


The sea caught Argentinian red shrimp is of exceptional quality. Looks like a normal scampi just a little more red..! The flesh gives more the impression of a langoustine. Immediately frozen at sea this gives an advantage to preserve the freshness. Price per portion size: 5 / 8 / 12.

12/16/22 € Scampi in a fragrant garlic butter (5/8/12 ), maybe a classic but still tastes good

Recommended beer: Hommelbier

14/18/24 € Scampi “Heeren van Liedekercke”, a real success

In a creamy gratin sauce with lobster bouillon white beer, apples and curry…hmm! Recommended beer: La Trap taupe wild

30,00 € Cod loin on a bed of pollack and smoked halibut

Duvel tripel Hop and herb sauce - steamed pak choi. Recommended beer: L’Embuscade

24,00 € “Fish & Chips”

Haddock and chunky chips - mixed salad, tatare sauce with Geuze and peas. And if you want vinegar with your chips just ask... Recommended beer: La Trappe wit

32,00 € “Toast mushrooms”and wild mushrooms in cream with thyme – the taste of Autumn

Fried Brill with truffle mayo!! Recommended beer: Malheur 10 van ‘t vat

Main courses ‘from the butcher’

16,00/20,00 € Americain with a varied salad (150gr/200gr)

We prepare the americain not too spicy or too bland with mayonnaise, ketchup,tabasco, Worcestershire, baby onions and gherkin. Apparently ‘just right’ as it sells well!! Recommended beer: Five

22,00 € Pork loin fillet with Heerenbier and chocolate

The pork is flavoured with our house beer with scents of cocoa and herbs. It is served with vegetable puree, croquettes, a selection of warmvegetables and finally completed with a ‘stripe’ of chocolate sauce. Recommended beer: Heerenbier

21,00 € Royal meat brochette (pork, turkey, sausage and bacon)

21,00 € Chicken brochette

21,00 € Varkenshaasje “Duroc d’Olives”

25,00 € Beef steak from Belgium (+/- 250gr)! So tender

25,00/35,00 € Belgian entrecôte – Rib-Eye “dry-aged“ – Top-quality meat (150/280gr)

32,00 € Roe deer marinated in Saint-Feuillien, bitter chocolate and jenever bessen

Cold “salad”with beetroot, lentils,dried figs and dates. Recommended beer: Chimay blauw 2019 van ’t vat of een duo Chimay/Malheur 10

Sauce of your choice:

  • Creamy mushroom: Pater Lieven Tripel
  • Creamy pepper: Saint-Feuillien bruin
  • Stroghanoff (Vodka and tomato) : Bieken
  • Heeren van Liedekercke : Rochefort 8 (A marriage of Roquefort cheese & Rochefort beer)

32,00 € Fazant “Brabançonne” op onze manier… met witloof en Hercule

Gratin van pompoen en aardappel met broodkruim en speculaaskruiden. Romige appeltjes met Westmalle tripel… De hemel op aarde! Aanbevolen bier: L’imperatrice

Our Flemish dishes of which we are very proud!

…with a little nod to Brussels and Wallonia

17,00 € Le vrai stoemp Bruxellois with sausage, bacon and Tierenteyn mustard.

Recommended beer: Caracole

17,00 € “Orvalliflette”, an oven dish with potato ,mince and orval cheese and beer.

From an idea of Willy De Hertogh van L’Ange Gardien in Orval!. Recommended beer: Orval

20,00 € Stoofvlees ‘Grandmothers way ‘a rich beef casserole made with love & patience

Crispy fries, salad and tomato or apple puree. Recommended beer: Westmalle dubbel van ‘t vat

17,00 € Meatballs in tomato and oregano sauce with Sodalitas beer. A nostalgic delicacy…

A taste of the past. Recommended beer: Sodalitas van’t vat