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 MENU “Late Summer”  September 2017

“De Heeren” is 26 this year !!!

Available from Thursday evening 31 august until Sunday 10 September 2017.
We are closed from Monday 11 Sept until 4 Oct 2017 included

Marinated salmon in Goedele’s Bloesem, dill, lime and pomegranate
“Pompelbirra” with fruity beer, homemade cider and grapefruit
Lets extend the summer feeling  just a little

° Goedele’s Bloesem


Pumpkin soup with a foam of Italian tomatoes and Vedett IPA
“Croque Monsieur” with our house cheese and smoked halibut

° Saison Saint-Feuillien  –  Taras Boulba
° Zuid-Afrika, Swartland, Badenhorst Family, Chenin  BIO, 2011


Mussels in  XX-bitter, bacon and a little garlic…
One of the best

° Goliath IPA van ’t vat  –  Saxo
° Bordeaux,  Arômes de Jabastas, 50% Sauvignon gris et blanc, 2014


Steak cooked on one side with Orval mustard sauce…
Finished carpaccio style with rocket- balsamic-dried tomatoes and pine nuts
Slivers of Orvalkaas

°  Orval, 1 jaar gerijpt  –  Père Canard
° Frankrijk, Graves, Château Brondelles, Classic, 2010


“Lolly” of Chimay blauw, parsnip, blue cheese and chocolate
An unusual combination? That’s why you are here, no?
(Alternative available for non blue cheese lovers)

° Chimay Blauw van ‘t vat
° Chocolate in a bottle


“Apple tart of the future”
Apple beignet- Apple beer jelly-cinnamon apples-ground speculoos
Pannacotta – Raisins marinated in Calvados- Poffertjes
Diet starts tomorrow!!


Coffee with some last treats( included in all in menu)

This menu is offered for the price of 57€ or 72€ all-in with suitable beer/wines, carafe of water, Tax and a smile included

Short version without soup and ‘lolly’ course is 48/62 euro

  ..:: 2 euro discount if you pay by cash ::..
Reservations are necessary !
To keep our service standards high just one menu choice per table please.