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The classics…

6,00 € Spanish olives marinated in herb oil

8,00 € Cubes of cheese and/or salami with Gent Tierenteyn mustard

7,25 € Fried mini spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. (8 pieces)

8,00 € Seasoned Chicken thighs (8 pieces)

12,00 € Spanish tapas board with calamari, anchovies, chorizo and olives

10,00 € Bitterballen with La Trappe dubbel

10,00 € Small cheese croquettes (12 ) to get you started…

12,00 € Small shrimp croquettes(12 ) to have you licking your fingers!

Our favourites…

2,00 € Meatball with homemade raspberry beer chutney

10,00 € Raisin bread with homemade lavender mayo, white beer and smoked salmon. A combination that you will love! (8 pieces)

10,00 € Pieces of muesli bread spread with a tomato and clove jam

Authentic Spanish marinated anchovies from Cantabrië (8pcs). Excellent quality and a great combination

Ideal partners!

8,00 € A taste of our ‘house cheese’. Flavoured with Heerenbier and Sodalitas

Something small

4,50 € Fresh soup with bread, perks you up both in winter and summer.

Recommended beer: Sodalitas

11,00 € Freshly made cheese croquettes with an salad…

Recommended beer: Den Herberg amber

14,50 € Freshly made shrimp croquettes with salad and a vinagrette from Oud Bruin

Recommended beer: Petrus Aged Pale

10,00 € ‘Farmers bread and butter’ with Ganda ham, ham and Tierenteyn mustard

Recommended beer: Wase Wolf

10,00 € Bread served with “pottekees”, a lovely mixture of cream cheese, Brussels ‘stink’ cheese, geuze and radishes…served with a glass lambiek!

Aanbevolen bier: platte lambiek (verschillende brouwerijen

11,00 € Jacket potatoes “Heeren van Liedekercke”… A dish that is already 20 years on our menu. 2 potatoes in their skin with shallots, parsley, cream, farm butter and a little lump fish caviaar

Recommended beer: Palm Hop Select