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Brewery ‘The Musketiers’ has existed for quite some time and produce most of their beers under the name Troubadour and offers a wide variety. Troubadour Magma is the most well known. Now they are starting their own brewery we think it is time to taste a few!

Blond, 6,5 %

The simplest beer in the range, quite neutral but perfectly acceptable. The aromas of grain and malt are apparent as are the scents of speculoos, nectarine, herbs and a smokiness. A mild bitterness and a slightly iron like aftertaste. A passe-partout.


Speciale Belge, 5,7 %

This amber coloured beer is exceptionally fruity in particular the aroma of strawberries. Also caramel and brown sugar which is typical of this beer type. A nice malty beer with a slightly dry bitter aftertaste..


Magma, Triple IPA, 9,0 %

Probably the stand out beer of the brewery. A good triple made with American hops. Light amber in colour and a lot of citrus aromas. Lime, lemongrass, ginger, grapefruit, melon and orange peel. Perhaps also a little chocolate flavour. Full of taste with a good, solid long aftertaste. We do not usually compare beers but it is indeed very similar to Chouffe Houblon..


Obscura, 8,2 %

This beer has a really strong aroma however the actual taste does not really follow. A balanced beer, with a good character of hops and a certain spirit. It is however an honest ‘bruintje’ with stout style flavours of chocolate, coffee and vanilla.


Westkust, 9,2%

In our opinion the most special Troubadour, First prize for its originality.…

The first aromas are perhaps not the most impressive but it quickly develops from a roasted, burnt flavor into a intense hop scent. A full bodied beer, heavily scented with lots of chocolate and a little coffee flavours..

The aftertaste is the winner here, after the first impact of bitterness which hangs around and the chocolate and coffee flavours you get a long good smooth bitter aftertaste. A super beer with strong Belgian hops which shine through the strong flavours..


Imperial Stout, 9,0 %

An almost black beer with the typical almost burnt, roasted coffee aromas. An extremely mild beer with strong chocolate flavours and a lovely coffee bitterness which continues as a lovely mokka cream.