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Beers from de Heeren van Liedekerke

Goedele’s Bloesem

On 9 oktober  Goedele was born and to celebrate we have launched Goedele’s Bloesem. We selected 2 lambiks from the brewery Lindemans with exceptional character, one 2 and a 1 year old. By combining these we have a traditional Geuze which has been accentuated with elderflower that we picked ourselves at Pur Fruit in Oeselgem. These 2 natural products are …


From Two to one… It’s all about our exclusive mix between a  Drie Fonteinen lambiek and bio lambiek Cantillon. Bottled on 7th January 2011 by Cantillon, and then left to ripen in our own cellars for 2 years. … From 2 internationally recognised lambiek beers comes one extraordinary Geuze. ! “De Heeren” is placed already for some time high on …


Made to our own recipe by brewery De Herberg in Buizingen This blond beer is 6,8 vol. % alc. and came about after group discussions in January 2006. Dominorum Liedekerckensium Sodalitas means ‘group of drinking brothers from Liedekerke’.  A unique beer in Belgium. With an EBU van ca. 60  it has to be one of the bitterest beers around. However …

Anniversary Blend

The 20th anniversary of « De Heeren van Liedekercke » was the reason for the creation of this new geuze. Although still very young (bottled on 17 mei 2010) the lambieken van Girardin en Lindemans have already blended well together and now we know this beer has great potential. Wonderfully fresh, pleasantly fruity with many complex flavours.

Crianza Helena

The main task was to make a geuze with a different taste to the usual Cantillon. We therefore selected 3 vats. A ripe 40 month old in a new cognac vat, a 30 month old lambiek from a used bordeaux vat which gives the fruitiness and a standard-Cantillon lambiek of 15 months old  for the fermentation Together this makes for …

Cuvée Joost / Jessie

We put the lambiek beers high on a pedastal. These two pearls of a geuze came about for our wedding in  2003. They are based on older lambiek beers than what you usually find. This is one of the reasons for their smooth flavour , their capacity for being kept and unfortunately also the price. !


This brown beer is 8,5 vol. % alc. and was introduced in 1996. With this product we wanted to show that brown beer doesn’t have to bes weet. In making this beer a specialist mix and knowledge is used to combine just the right amount of malt and hop types to create a lightly sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste. …