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Festive Menu December 2020

Available from Thursday evening 3 December until Sunday evening 28 December 2020
We are closed from Monday 21 december until Saturday 26 December 2020 !


Burrata covered with carpaccio of Baskan beef
Really tasty meat, perfect combination
Anchovy tapenade with aubergine and Sodalitas – Roasted pine nuts

° L’embuscade, fait maison (Bras. La Binchoise, DHL)
° Frankrijk, Bordeau, Fleur de Fonrozay, Rosé, 2015


Gegratineerd witloof” Chicory gratin in our own style…
Chicory – smoked salmon – White sauce with Orvalbier – Gratinated with Orval cheese

° Affligem Patersvat (Brij. Affligem BSD) – Vermentoise (Bras. De Blaugies)
° Italie, Terra Siciliana, Sciaredient Insolia, 2017


Halibut – Breydelspek – curry – Père Noël
Croque Monsieur” with smoked halibut

° Père Noël van ’t vat (Brij. De Ranke) – Authentique blond (Bras. Authentique)
° Douro, Portal d’Azenha reserva white, 2017


Wild duck marinated in Christmas beer Saint-Feuillien
Macaroni with artichoke, tuffle and foie gras an idea from Eric Fréchon, Le Bristol*** in Parijs
Mushroom sauce with Saint-Feuillien

° Saint-Feuillien Noël van ’t vat (Bras. Saint-Feuillien) – Vicaris Winter 2018 (Brij. Vicaris)
° Cahors, Château Famaey, Cuvée Elevée en fût de chêne, Malbec, 2012


Gingerbread and Herve cheese – creamy pumpkin ice cream with Bons Voeux
Foodpairing at its best!

°Liefmans Goudenband van ’t vat (Brij. Riva)
° Bordeaux, Douceur de Jabastas, Bordeaux Moelleux, 2014


Chocolade – Jerusalem artichoke – Pear – burnt buckwheat
Beer caramel with Gouden Carolus Christmas

° Bush de Noël 2009 (Bras. Dubuisson)


This menu is offered for the price of 60€ or 80€ all-in with suitable beer/wines, carafe of water, Tax and a smile included

Short version without halibut and herve cheese is 50€ of 65€
Reservations are necessary !
To keep our service standards high, just one menu choice per table please.