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MENU “Spring /Mothers Day”  May 2023

Available from Friday lunch 5 May until Monday 29 May 2023

“cigar of salmon” – My signature dish…
Tartare of scottish salmon marinated in Geuze and garden herbs
Seaweed – Ash of black olives – Sorbet of ‘Gin Tonic’
° Petrus Aged Pale van ’t vat (Brij. De Brabanter)
° Portugal, Miguels Vinho Verde,9 vol. %, 2012


A wonderful combination of asparagus, slivers of Ganda ham and parmesan
Choronsauce(béarnaise – tomato – Chimay tripel)
° Ename Pater (Brij. Roman) – Criminelle Arme Blanche (Brasserie Ardenne)
° Aldeneik-Maaseik, Aldeneyk Pinot Blanc, 2016


Lemon sole “Niçoise”
Ceamy potato puree with boiled egg, anchovies,fried onions, a little garlic and parsley
“Salad” green beans, tomato cubes and Hommel-vinaigrette
° Hommel Fresh Hop (Leroy Brewery’s) – Hoppy Madame (Brass. Stoemelings)
° Italië, Umbrië, Fontanella, Bianco Goretti, 2020


“Crispy” poultry with pesto and panko – “Tzatziki” with mint – chicken merguez
Tomato compote – Red pepper filled with chicken mince and a little ratatouille”
° Chouffe Soleil van ’t vat (Brij. Duvel Moortgat) – La Corne quadruppel (Brass. Des Géants)
° Italie, Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, 2018


Belgian strawberries – Sorbet of fennel and spinach – confit fennel
°Oudbeidje (Brij. Hanssens)
° Genepeak


“Soufflé Grand Marnier”
… 😊
Bière de l’ours, Polaire Winter Honey Ale (supplement 4€)


This menu is 69€ or 95€ all-in with matching beers/wines, water, tax, service and a smile included…
Short version without asparagus and strawberries course 56€ or 75€

Reservations are necessary!*

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To help keep our service standards high only one choice per table please.
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