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Available from Thursday evening 18 April until Thurday evening 2 May 2024.

Salmon marinated in traditional geuze – cucumber salad – Tomato sorbet
Madeleintje with black oilives – Avocado mayonaise
Artisanale rolls with beetroot, caraway seed and goat cheese
° Chouffe Lite (Brij. Duvel Moortgat)
° Affligem, Domaine De Kluizen, Vlaamse Landwijn, Cuvee, 2020


Penne “SCAMPI diabolique” with a basis of Oud Bruin
Especially for Helena, my goddaughter!
° Rodenbach Vintage van ’t vat (Swinkels Family brewers) – Collab Senne (Oude Maalderij)
° Italië, Piemonte, Gavi, 2022


Cod cooked skin on with a drop of truffle oil
A parmasan and Chimay trippel puree – Dried tomatoes – Pesto sauce – Roasted pinenuts
° Liefmans Ducato (Moortgat) – Korus blond (Brasserie Artisa Malt)
° Spanje, Vinas murillo, Verdejo, 2022


“mini-hamburger” Angus Aberdeen dry aged
Young spinach – Smoked chicken – Goose liver – dried onions – sweet-sour sauce with soya, ginger and Ducassis
° Embuscade tripel (Brass. Binchoise) – De Graal gember (Brij. De Graal)
° Spanje, Extramadura, Coloma, Merlot Seleccion, 2021


Calf rib Eye and broccoli fried in garlic oil with sage
Jacket potato with radish dip, herby cream cheese, cumin and sesame seed
jus” with Westmalle dubbel
° surprise bier – Rochefort 6 (Abbaye Notre Dame de Saint Remy)
° Italië, Toscane, Message in a botle, 2020


Coffee, Belgian stout and Orval “Flan caramel”
° Chienne de Garde, dry stout (Les 3 Florins) (supplement 4€)


This menu is 69€ or 95€ with matching beers/wines, water, tax, service and a smile included…
Short version without “scampi diabolique” and “mini-hamburger” courses at 56€ or 75€

Reservations are necessary!*

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To help keep our service standards high only one choice per table please.
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