From Two to one…

It’s all about our exclusive mix between a  Drie Fonteinen lambiek and bio lambiek Cantillon. Bottled on 7th January 2011 by Cantillon, and then left to ripen in our own cellars for 2 years.

… From 2 internationally recognised lambiek beers comes one extraordinary Geuze. !

“De Heeren” is placed already for some time high on the best beer restaurants list .Our exceptional selection of beers together with our’ beer cuisine’ menus are known and valued the world over.

… Now we are promoted from 2nd to 1st place we think it’s the right time to launch our own Heerengeuze .

It is a ‘difficult’ beer choice for the beginner but a gem for the experienced Geuze aficionado. : powerful, full tasting, sharp and sour.

Cheers !