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MENU “In the Holiday Mood” July 2019

Available from Thursday evening July 4th until Monday lunch July 29th 2019

‘Gravad Lax’ (marinated salmon) with La Trappe Puur and horseradish
Fresh salad with Greek yoghurt and dill – Blinis – Salmon eggs
“Liquid Salad”, an idea from Disfrutar** in Barcelona: salad soup with tomato foam

° IPNema van ’t vat (Swinkels Family Brewers Belgium)
° Douro,  Portal d’Azenha branco, 2015


Quiche with spinach, mint, goat’s cheese and oude Geuze
Strips of Plaice fried in a crumb of pickle crisps!

° Oude Geuze Hanssens (Hanssens Artisanaal)  –  Herberg blond (Den Herberg)
°  Affligem,  Domaine De Kluizen, Vlaamse Landwijn, Cuvée 2013


“Aubergine melanzane parmigiano” with our own twist…
Fried ‘omber fish’ (similar to a seabass)

° Malheur Weiss (De Landtsheer) –  Quintine bio (Des Legendes)
° Frankrijk, Alsace, Loberger, Pinot Gris, BIO, 2013


Steak “Orvallissimo”

Steak cooked on one side with a Nostradamus-mustard sauce…
Finished off as carpaccio with rocket- balsamic-tomato-pine nuts
Shavings of Orval cheese

° Dominicain Quadruppel (Brasserie 3F)  –  Nostradamus (Caracole)
° Italië, Nero d’Avola Organic, 2013


Homemade carrot and banana cake with “foie gras de Périgord” and caramalised walnuts
(Please say if you don’t eat foie gras and we will provide something else)…

° Rochefort 8 (Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy)
° Bordeaux,  Douceur de Jabastas, Bordeaux Moelleux, 2014


Moelleux-au-chocolat – one of the world’s best desserts!
Cavaillion melon sorbet and Napoleon sweets powder

° Rochefort 8 van  2015 (supplement 4,00€)
° Chocolate in a Bottle (supplement 4,00€)

This menu is 58,00 € or 78,00 € all-in with matching wines/beers, water, tax, service and a smile included.…

Short version without  quiche and foie gras is 49,00 or 65,00 €

(2 euro discount for cash per menu)


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