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With the team ‘De Heeren’ we taste weekly (sometimes daily !) new beers. Sometimes it is enough for ‘a quick one” after work to lessen the thirst but also there is the need sometimes to enjoy a more relaxed drink..


Our blind tasting consists of 3-7 beers before a jury after which much discussion is had over the taste, aftertaste, and flavour. After we gather all the different opinions we can finally describe what is in the glass!.


Many types of beer are tried, either from the same brewery, the same beer at different levels of maturity or the same type of beers. …


A beer tasting is very different than just ‘having a drink’, a blind tasting makes it both more interesting and difficult!Due to this process some great finds can be made..

Want to know more? read our analysis of our last tasting…simple and un censored, our true findings!

Last tasting : 30/01/2016 : Hommelbier – Hommel Limited Edition Fresh Harvest.



On 9 oktober  Goedele was born and to celebrate we have launched Goedele’s Bloesem.

We selected 2 lambiks from the brewery Lindemans with exceptional character, one 2 and a 1 year old. By combining these we have a traditional Geuze which has been accentuated with elderflower that we picked ourselves at Pur Fruit in Oeselgem. These 2 natural products are a perfect marriage.To keep the flavour as pure as possible only a cork is used without the usual Geuze ‘stopper’, a revolutionary technique in Geuze-land!

This Goedele’s bloesem is presented in an original printed bottle designed by our brother in law Pierre Gérard.

Something for all your senses to appreciate..


Until the end of the year available for 15 euro’s a bottle.

Let us know you have read ‘Goedeles mail’ for a free taster.!



Arthur’s Legacy 10. Hop(e)less Ginny

A new creation from De Hoorn brewery, a microbrewery from Palm. The ‘herb master’ has taken inspiration from the Gin-craze. The character is embellished with the inclusion of jenever berries and quinine. Scents of walnut and grains are also detectable. In the taste hints of cloves are noticeable. 8.7% with a slightly unusual aftertaste just on the edge of being too ‘herby’. Further, a flavour of green banana, and the ever present walnut and jenever berries offer a slightly sweet drink.


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